A grassland plateau above the clouds

Kurumayama is a grassland plateau situated at 1925m between Lake Shirakaba and Kirigamine, along the panoramic road known as Venus Line.

Like the nearby Lake Shirakaba, Kurumayama is a mountain resort which offers a great selection of activities in the middle of nature.

A ski lift which operates all year round can bring you at the top of Mt. Kuruma-yama in 15min. From there on a clear day you can enjoy a breath-taking 360-degree panoramic view of Mt. Fuji, the Yatsugatake Mountains, the three ranges of the Alps, Mt. Asama and more.
Nature is capricious but Kurumayama can boast an unparalleled high “clear sky ratio”, so chances are you can take a great picture.

If you are an early riser, we suggest you try the sunrise lift. On the weekend, the lift opening time is sometimes anticipated to take you to the top before dawn so you can see the sun rise.
With the right weather conditions, you might also see a picturesque sea of clouds form at the foot of the mountains.

In winter, the mountain turns into a ski slope. Kurumayama Kogen Skypark Ski Resort features a wide piste with few trees, a layout which is fun for everyone from beginners to more expert skiers and snowboarders.

Kurumayama and the adjacent Kirigamine are also a great spot for hiking. Once you are on top Mt. Kuruma-yama, you have access to a trail with hardly any ups and downs, perfect for any age and level. A light walk of about 4h will take you through Kirigamine to Yashima Wetland and back.

Back in the day the area used to be a grazing ground and the locals kept vegetation growth under control to make sure they had soft nice grass for the cattle. Nowadays there are no more cows, but the scenery remains unchanged. The gentle slopes forming the plateau of Kurumayama and Kirigamine are covered by a thick layer of grass which is livened up by colorful flowers in the summer and pampas dancing in the wind in autumn.

There are over 600 types of flowers growing in the area, but a special mention goes to nikko-kisuge, yellow daylilies, which covers the hills of Kurumayama and Kirigamine in mid-July.

*The dates below are approximate and may slightly vary depending on the weather.

Green Season_ From early April to late September
Autumn season_ (Japanese pampas grass) From early to late October
Winter season_ From December to late March


Japanese Azalea_ June
Daylily_ July
Dwarf Pincushion Flower_ August~September

Hiking info:

Course 1: Kurumayama lift station (Take ski lift) → Kurumayama summit 30min → Kurumayama-kata 20min → Kurumayama Nokkoshi 25min → Kurumayama Chufuku → (Take ski lift) Kurumayama lift station
*using the ski lift
Distance: 4km
Time required: about 1.5h
Level: 1

Course 2: Kurumayama lift station (Take ski lift) →Kurumayama (summit) 1h35min → Yashima Wetland 1h45min → Kurumayama-kata → (Take bus) → Kurumayama lift station
*using the ski lift
Distance: 9.5km
Time required: about 3h30min
Level: 2


Access by car
50 min by car from Suwa IC
Access by train
60 min by bus from Chino Station
Shirakaba-ko~Kurumayama Line- Kurumayama Kogen bus stop



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