Chino Tabi (Official name: Chino Tourism Organization)

Our philosophy

The objective of "Chino Tabi" is to bring about the revitalization of the local community through Tourism.
Our wish is to connect people (travelers and locals) through Chino Tabi, thus supporting a sustainable development of the region while instilling in the locals a sense of pride for the place they live in.

Our mission

  • We want to promote a sustainable tourism

    1. where the local community plays a major role.
    Through our activities we connect the travelers and the locals, allowing the latter to actively participate in the touristic market.
  • 2. where the increased number of travelers and long-term residents contribute to the growth of the local economy.
  • 3. which creates appealing jobs and improves the quality of life in the area, thus encouraging more young people to stay or move in the region.
  • 4. which not only respects the environment and the local culture, but also contributes to the preservation and prosperity of the region natural and cultural resources.
  • 5. which contributes to the cultivation of talent and working skills, while bringing together public and private organizations with similar values.
  • 6. to bring about a revitalization of the region that will last for many years to come.


Chino Tourism Organization (Chino Station Office)

Chino Station building, Chino 3506, Chino
Nagano, 391-0001
TEL: +81(0)266-73-8550 FAX: +81(0)266-78-7310

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