Yashima Wetland

On top of Kirigamine Plateau, an expanse of green embroidered with alpine flowers

Yashima Wetland is a picturesque marsh encased in the grassland hills of Kirigamine Plateau.

At a first glance it appears as a green meadow interrupted by a few crystalline pools, but better not try to tread on it, beneath the surface lies an 8-meter-deep peat deposit which accumulated over the course of 12,000 years.

The area is habitat to many small animals such as cute little frogs and lovely butterflies, and in the summer, you can find countless species of colorful alpine flowers.

A wooden hiking trail runs the entire length of the wetland which can be circled with ease in about 90min.

The best seasons to visit are summer, between July and August, and autumn, from early to late October. In summer the green of the hills and the blue of the sky reflected in the water dominate the scene, while in autumn yellow and orange take over, tinging the landscape with warm colors.

*Dogs are not allowed inside the premises of the park.

*The dates below are approximate and may slightly vary depending on the weather.

Green Season_ From early April to late September
Autumn season_ From early to late October
Winter season_ From December to early April
*In winter the road to Yashima Wetland is closed and you can only get there on foot, treading on deep snow.


Access by car
40 min by car from Suwa IC
Access by train
45 min by bus from JR Kami-suwa Station
70 min by bus from JR Chino Station
Shirakaba-ko~Kurumayama Line- Yashima Shitsugen bus stop



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