Yatsugatake winter update

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View of the Yatsugatake Mountains from the summit of Mt. Tateshina (Jan 1, 2022)

At 2,500 m above sea level, the Yatsugatake Mountains are experiencing chilly winter days with lows ranging from -24°C to -5°C, and highs from -18°C to 3°C. The mountains have received record snowfall this year with approximately 130 cm of snow cover at 2,200 m up, and 150 cm of snow cover at 2,400 m up. The depth of the snow can also be seen in the snowdrift.

Snow-covered rocks atop Mt. Tateshina (Jan 1, 2022)

There are areas where the main trail is unclear and areas with multiple trails, so please double check your route when climbing. The conditions of the trails change daily according to the weather, so be sure to check the latest information a few days beforehand.

As the extreme cold is expected to continue, make sure to have proper winter mountain clothing and equipment (winter outerwear, winter hiking boots, warm clothes, crampons, spats, snowshoes, a headlamp, maps, ice axe, sunglasses, ski mask, etc.).

In addition, trekking may take longer than expected due to heavy snowfall. As the days are getting shorter, please plan accordingly. We recommend arriving early and allowing for plenty of time to reach your destination. There are many risks associated with climbing alone, so please go with someone who is experienced or join a guided tour. We wish you a safe trip to the beautiful Yatsugatake Mountains.


Additional information:

In the Yatsugatake area, not all mountain huts are open year-round, so please check the homepage or social media of each hut for details. With the Omicron COVID-19 variant, we ask for your understanding and cooperation regarding infection prevention and control measures.

When mountain huts are closed, the use of their tent areas is prohibited. Please confirm operations and reserve your spot in advance.
Reservations are required for Yatsugatake Tourism Association mountain huts.

  • Check mountain climbing information via the Yatsugatake Tourism Association page here (Japanese).
  • See contact information for Yatsugatake Tourism Association mountain huts here (Japanese).
  • Search for Yatsugatake Tourism Association mountain huts here (English).
  • See Yatsugatake bus information here (Japanese).



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